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With the introduction of DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) scheme for transferring LPG subsidy directly to Aadhaar linked bank accounts, Gas agency offices have seen a tremendous increase in their work load. But the fact that most of the services offered by gas agencies at their offices can be done online also is a less known information.

Here below I will explain some of the online services available to an LPG consumer. These are available to the consumers of all the 3 public owned LPG companies – Indian Oil (IOCL), Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) and Bharat Petroleum (BPCL).
  • Linking Aadhaar with Consumer Number
  • Check Aadhaar Linking Status
  • Book Gas Cylinder
  • Transparency Portal

Linking Aadhaar with Consumer Number

This is the most important service required for an LPG consumer presently. Once the consumer obtains an Aadhaar number in his/her own name (read earlier post – Aadhaar Card Related), the Aadhaar number needs to be linked with the LPG Consumer Number and a Bank Account for facilitating the DBT scheme of receiving subsidy directly to bank account. This process of linking is called seeding. For linking an Aadhaar to a bank account the account holder has to visit any branch of his bank with Aadhaar letter or e-Aadhaar. This section explains the seeding process for Aadhaar with LPG Consumer Number.

Click here to open the Aadhaar Seeding Application page. Click Start Now to get started with the linking process.

The seeding application page is open. Provide the following details in this page – State, District, Benefit Type (select LPG) and Scheme Name (select BPCL or HPCL or IOCL as per the gas connection you have). You will then be prompted to enter your DistributorName and Consumer Number.

The name of the consumer will be displayed next to the consumer number from the details available with the LPG company. Now enter your Email Id (not mandatory), MobileNumber and Aadhaar Number and click on Submit.

After you submit the details and Confirm on the popup received immediately, you will receive an OTP number in your mobile number and email id (if provided during submission). Enter the OTP and captcha word in the text box provided on the next page and click Submit.

The request will be submitted and the same would be displayed in the popup immediately. The status of the submitted request will be informed through SMS in the mobile provided or you can check the status of the linking as explained below.

Check Aadhaar Linking Status

You can check the status of your Aadhaar linking to LPG consumer number and bank account online. This facility is provided for the consumers of all the 3 LPG companies. The link for checking the status of Aadhaar linking is here – IOCL, BPCLand HPCL.

For IOCL, provide your Consumer No. and Distributor Name. Wait for some time as you type the distributor name, so that correct name appears in a drop down and can be selected. Click on the Submit button.

The Aadhaar linking status is shown in the next page along with the details of the consumer.

For BPCL, you only need to provide your Mobile/Land Line No. for checking the status if the same has been already registered with your distributor. Else you may search using your Aadhaar No. or by providing State, District, Distributor and Consumer Number. Click Proceed after entering the required details.

The Aadhaar linking status is shown in the next page along with the details of the consumer.

For HPCL, choose the option – Check your Aadhaar Status from the top of the page and search using any of the options available. You may search using Consumer Noand Distributor Name (Quick Search) or Aadhaar No. and Mobile No. (optional) (Aadhaar Number Search) or through State, District, Distributor and Consumer No (Normal Search). Click Proceed after providing the required details for one of the search methods.

The Aadhaar linking status is shown in the next page along with the details of the consumer. The Aadhaar Number, the Bank to which it is linked to and the last updated date is also displayed.

The status of the Aadhaar linking is shown in all the above 3 cases with the help of green or red circle. Below are the different combinations of the circle colours.
  • Both Green – Means that Aadhaar is linked to your consumer number as well to the bank account and you are good receive subsidy right in your bank account.
  • First Green, Second Red – Means your Aadhaar has been linked to your Consumer Number. But the same Aadhaar does not have a valid bank account linked to it.
  • First Red, Second Not Known – Means your Aadhaar is not yet linked to consumer number and hence can check for the status of the linkage to bank account.
Below is the same information provided in a tabular format.

The rest of the sections will be explained in detail soon…

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