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Hello All,

This blog attempts to familiarize a few important websites and online features which can reduce efforts in our day-to-day activities or transactions. Our state has achieved a lot of improvements recently in the field of e-Governance and most of these should benefit the common man to a large extent. But the sad part is that most of these, go unnoticed or are not given due importance, so that its benefits reach the masses.
This is my sincere and humble effort to bring some of these features, which I have come across, to a wider audience. Being my first attempt at blogging, I sincerely apologize for any inexperience or mistakes evident here. 

I intend to add a lot of content here, as days go by. All of these are based on my own personal experience in using or interacting with these websites. I put these here for the benefit of anyone who may need such information. All the posts on this blog are displayed on the main home page in the order of posting them, while they are also categorized on the subject they deal with and can be accessed by navigating to the relevant category pages as well.

While I have made every effort, to the best of my ability, to ensure that all the content here are correct in all aspects, my humble request to everyone is, not to hold me liable in the unfortunate incident of any information being wrong or irrelevant. I would be grateful if you could point out such errors or wrong information to me at the earliest.

Also looking forward to your valuable comments and suggestions…

– A Proud Malayalee

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