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Aadhaar (ആധാർ) card issued by UIDAI must be the most sought after identification document by people recently. Although lot of authentic information is available in public domain, it has been accompanied with a lot of false information as well. Here I will explain some of the services related to Aadhaar available online for the public.

  • Check Enrolment Status
  • Get Aadhaar in Mobile
  • Download e-Aadhaar
  • Verify enroled Mobile Number
  • Update Aadhaar Data
  • Check Update Status

Check Enrolment Status
Once you have enroled at any of the designated enrolment centres like Akshaya (അക്ഷയ), you can check the status of your enrolment online, provided you have the Enrolment ID (EID) provided to you during your enrolment.
Click here to open the Check Aadhaar Status page. You just need to provide the 14 digit EID in the format 1111/11111/1111 as mentioned in your enrolment slip. The 14 digit Date/Time is optional. Also provide the captcha word (Security Code) displayed and click on Submit button.

There are 3 different status information displayed.
  • Congratulations, your Aadhaar is generated. You are lucky!! You Aadhaar number is generated and you can download your e-Aadhaar online or get Aadhaar number in mobile. This is explained later.
    • Your Aadhaar number is under generation. Please check back after few days. Sorry, you need to wait!! Your Aadhaar processing is still in progress. DO NOT go for re-enrolment if this message is shown.
      • Your Aadhaar enrolment has been rejected. Sorry this time!! Your enrolment has been rejected and the reason for rejection would also be mentioned along with the status message. You will need to do re-enrolment after correcting the mistakes, if the reason for rejection is not “earlier enroled“.
      Get Aadhaar in Mobile

      If your enrolment status shows that Aadhaar number has been generated, you can get the generated Aadhaar number in your mobile as an SMS.
      Click here to open the Get Aadhaar page. Provide your 14 digit EID, (14 digit Date/Time is optional), Mobile number provided during enrolment. Enter the captcha word (Security Code) and click on Get OTP button.

      You will receive an OTP number in your registered mobile number immediately. Enter the OTP number in the text box and click on Submit button.

      You will receive your Aadhaar number in your mobile as an SMS immediately.

      Download e-Aadhaar
      If your Aadhaar number in generated, you can also download a PDF version of your Aadhaar letter known as e-Aadhaar which is at par with the original Aadhaar letter/card received through post.
      Click here to open the E-Aadhaar page. You can download e-Aadhaar by using your EID or your Aadhaar Number (If you already know this).

      Provide EID or Aadhaar Number, Full Name, Pin Code and Mobile number provided during the enrolment and click on Get One Time Password. You will receive an OTP number in your registered mobile number immediately. Enter the OTP in the field and click on Validate & Download. The PDF version of the e-Aadhaar will be downloaded. The password to open the PDF file will be your Pin Code.

      The printout of this PDF is considered as an original document for Proof of Identity or Proof of Address and can be used at all places where Aadhaar letter is accepted.

      The remaining sections will be updated soon…

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